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With modern advances in cosmetic dentistry like crowns and bridges, there’s no excuse for not having the smile you deserve. Garrett Gentling, DDS, and the team at Gentling Smiles provide crowns and bridges to enhance the smiles of residents in and around Shoreline, Washington. To find out more, call Gentling Smiles today or book your appointment online.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are caps that cover teeth to protect it or to restore it to good health. Gentling Smiles may recommend a crown if you come to the office with one of the following problems:

  • A tooth that may fracture
  • A tooth that underwent a root canal
  • A filling that needs replacing
  • A damaged or discolored tooth
  • A replacement tooth that needs a makeover

Crowns are custom-made to match the appearance and function of your natural tooth.


What are bridges?  

Dental bridges are custom-made, fixed prosthetic devices to fill the gaps in your smile caused by multiple missing teeth. This sturdy, long-lasting dental appliance improves your smile and prevents the harmful shifting of surrounding teeth.


How are crowns placed?

First, Dr. Gentling prepares your tooth by filing down your tooth, reducing its size to ensure a good fit for your crown. Next, he uses digital imaging to take impressions of your tooth and inputs that information into a computer that creates your crown.

Dr. Gentling then bonds the finished porcelain crown onto your tooth with an adhesive, and the procedure takes no more than two to three hours. 


How are bridges placed?

Placing a bridge typically takes a couple of visits to Gentling Smiles. Using impressions of your teeth, the team at Gentling Smiles orders your custom-made bridges from a dental lab. Once your bridges arrive, Dr. Gentling bonds them to neighboring teeth to fill the gap in your smile.

After getting your bridges, our providers will schedule a follow-up appointment, so they can assess how you’re adjusting to the new prosthetic teeth.


How long do crowns and bridges last?

Ensuring a long lifespan for your crown or bridge hinges on how well you take care of them. As long as you brush and floss regularly, maintain regular cleanings and checkups with our providers, and eat a balanced diet that minimizes sugary food, your crown or bridge should last at least ten years.

Because your mouth naturally changes as you age, slight adjustments to your dental appliance throughout the years may be necessary.

To schedule a consultation about crowns or bridges with Gentling Smiles, call the office or book your appointment online today.