Periodontal Treatment in Shoreline, WA


Do you have chronic bad breath? Notice your gums are inflamed, tender or bleeding? If you experience any additional symptoms such as receding gums or a toothache, you may have a form of periodontal (gum) disease.

When periodontal diseases go untreated, they can often result in loose teeth and even tooth loss. We recommend that any of our patients with signs of periodontal disease begin periodontal treatment immediately.

Scaling and Root Planing Treatment

We offer scaling and root planing to help manage gum disease. During your periodontal treatment in Shoreline, we will thoroughly remove any plaque, tartar, and bacteria affecting your gums and teeth. Once your gums and teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, your roots will be scaled so that your gums can re-attach and properly heal.

Importance of Periodontal Treatment

As mentioned above, untreated periodontal disease can result in more severe dental complications, more invasive treatment options and more costly dental care. By receiving needed periodontal care, you can reduce infection, find relief from irritated gums, and prevent future dental problems from occurring.

Think you may benefit from periodontal treatment in Shoreline? Contact Gentling Smiles today to schedule your appointment with our periodontist in Shoreline, WA. We’d be happy to evaluate your oral health to determine if you need to begin periodontal maintenance.


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