Dental Fillings in Shoreline, WA


Have you started experiencing tooth sensitivity or pain? Notice visible holes in your teeth? It’s possible that you may developed a cavity! Left untreated, cavities—also known as tooth decay—can advance

But thankfully, At Gentling Smiles, we are happy to offer dental fillings for our patients as a solution to restore decayed teeth back to full health. 

Composite Fillings

Advances in modern dentistry have allowed for the creation of tooth-colored composite fillings that are designed to blend in with your natural smile! Depending on the extent of your tooth decay and your needs, Dr. Gentling may recommend a composite resin filling. 

Benefits of Dental Fillings

Besides restoring a tooth to normal look and function, dental fillings can help halt the progression of tooth decay, strengthen the weakened tooth, and can last for many years with proper dental care.

Experiencing a toothache lately? Think you may have a cavity? Considering dental fillings in Shoreline, WA? Schedule your appointment with Gentling Smiles today. We’d be happy to evaluate your tooth to determine if one of our silver or tooth-colored dental fillings can help prevent further decay and damage.


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