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Why Go Anywhere Else?


Lowest Invisalign Price:











*40% less than the average Orthodontist fee


*Don’t be fooled by ads for treatment “starting at $2000”, this is a comprehensive fee!

What Does All-Inclusive Mean?

If you’re considering a different provider, take the time to ask them about the additional fees for the services included. Often the price of these services is not included in the initial price quote.

  • Invisalign Consultation
  • X-rays
  • Photos
  • All Invisalign treatment
  • Teeth whitening
  • Digital scan impressions
  • Final retainers
  • Any required revisions to ensure you’re thrilled with the result!

Benefits of doing Invisalign our office:


iTero digital scanner - No goopy impressions. See a before and after treatment projection in just minutes.

Cosmetic and other dental services can be done in-house at the completion of your treatment. No back and forth between specialist and dentist offices, we’ve got you covered.

Most cases completed within 6 to 12 months.

iTero® Digital Scanner Access for Invisalign Patients

The iTero digital scanner provides quick and painless impressions without the inconvenience and discomfort of the gooey impression molds frequently still used at other dental practices. The digital scan is included as part of our free consultation, and displays a patient’s potential before and after results within minutes. This helps patients quickly visualize what the end product will look like following their Invisalign treatment, which we’ve found to be invaluable.


Did you know that your insurance may cover Invisalign treatment?

We can check your benefits!

Note: Orthodontic coverage is usually separate from your regular dental benefits, and will not reduce your annual coverage for dental cleanings or other dental services.

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