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Meet Charli



Dental Hygenist

Charli Barnum is a Registered Dental Hygienist that began as an enthusiastic team member for Dr. Stephen MacGeorge in 1991 and continues her extraordinary level of care as a valued provider at Gentling Smiles. Her education includes studies in English and Dental Hygiene at Cottey College in Missouri, the University of Washington, and Shoreline College. She has practiced in both Canada and the United States, and notes that, “I can speak English with or without an accent (eh?) and floss and brush in the ‘international style’!”

In her free time, Charli enjoys working with birds (including a parrot that flosses his beak); sailing; archery; petanque; reading; painting; music; theater and people, people, people! It is the people that she meets at the dental office that inspire her and she views her job as a “personal trainer for teeth”. “Hopefully your teeth” She adds. “I look forward to meeting you”.

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