Wisdom Teeth: These 3 Signs May Mean You Need an Extraction

Many people can go their whole life and avoid extracting their wisdom teeth. How do you know if they need to be extracted and if they are harming the rest of your mouth? Gentling Smiles provides routine tooth extractions and encourages dental education to keep your smile pain free, healthy, and shining! Continue reading on to learn when a wisdom tooth needs to be extracted.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last of your molars and are also known as third molars. Everyone’s wisdom teeth are different. Typically, most people have four wisdom teeth in total. Two on top and two on the bottom. However, some people don’t even have wisdom teeth.

Why do wisdom teeth exist?

Some scientists believe that wisdom teeth were once necessary for our ancestors to effectively eat their food. Today we have more options and processed foods that don’t require wisdom teeth for eating. They can actually overcrowd your mouth and cause more problems than benefits. It is also a challenge to properly clean wisdom teeth due to their far placement in your mouth.

Why is extraction necessary?

Many dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth early on before they cause problems down the road. Below are a couple of signs that show if your wisdom teeth need to be removed.

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