What Happens When You Don’t Keep Up with Regular Checkups

Most of us think it’s enough to brush our twice a day, floss and use mouth rinse to keep our smiles shiny and healthy. Whether you suffer from dental phobia or not, many have reasons for avoiding the dentist for their biannual exams. While you think you may be saving yourself from potential pain, the exact opposite is true. Those dental exams are so important or so many reasons, and in this article we will discuss only four of these reasons that will have you thinking twice about putting off that dentist appointment.

Tooth Decay

The real reason we are all advised to keep up with brushing our teeth is to keep plaque build up at bay between dentist appointments. Everyday as we eat food, food particles can buildup in the nooks and crannies of our teeth which then team up with existing and naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth to adhere to the teeth and create what we all know as plaque. If not removed in a consistent and timely manner, this plaque buildup will eventually break down our tooth’s enamel.

Gum Disease

After tooth decay comes the risk of periodontal disease. Otherwise known as gum disease, periodontal disease effects the gums that are in place to act as a protective cover around the teeth and it’s roots. When the gums are compromised, plaque bacteria can attack them causing swelling and bleeding. This swelling allows bacteria to settle underneath and can eventually lead to much more serious health problems.

Health Problems

During a check up is the best time to check for serious medical conditions. By catching these problems you can potentially save yourself years of pain and extensive medical bills. Not regularly seeing the dentist can also lead to health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, oral cancers, kidney failure and heart disease.

Tooth Discoloration or Stains

The daily cup of coffee, tea, or wine can stain the teeth creating a less than attractive smile. Professional teeth cleanings and whitening treatments can make sure your smile stays white.

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